What You Need For Successful Powder Coating

Powder coating is a decorative as well as a protective dry finishing process. The biggest advantage of powder coating is that it uses dry powder instead of a solvent. The finishing is also harder than other methods of painting and this ensures durability. It can also employ several colours before they are cured allowing for blending and producing several effects. Powder coating is also environment-friendly, making it easier to comply with environmental regulations. It also saves companies money that could have been invested in controlling pollution. The following are the steps taken to ensure the powder coating process is successful. They are cleaning materials, spraying and curing.

  1. Cleaning Material – Whatever you want to powder coat needs to be clean. This is because any debris or dust will affect the finished product as adhesion will interfere, causing it to not last as initially expected. There is equipment used to clean such as a blast room that cleans rust. A wash station is used to clean any solvents on your product. Cleaning your product is very key in the overall outcome after powder coating.
  2. Spraying – An electrostatically charged powder spray gun is used. It is very important for the gun to be from a reputable company to reduce the number of times it breaks down. If it is not functioning, powder coating cannot take place. A powder spray booth is also important as it provides for working space preventing the powder coating process from interfering with the work space. This also helps to minimize pollution that may be hazardous. You should set up a booth depending on the size of equipment you want to powder coat leaving enough working space.
  3. Curing – A powder curing oven is used after the powder coating is done. This is often the most expensive item in the whole process. It is very crucial that you use an oven that is fast and efficient. However, the size of your product also affects the time it takes curing. The optimum temperature for curing is about four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Ovens that use natural gas are often used as opposed to electric ones that may make the process expensive. You should also countercheck the filtration of the oven you choose to ensure that there is an adequate flow of air. If not, your final product will not be as anticipated. Powder coating is a delicate process and everything should be efficient.