Holiday Decorations to Make From Mailing Tubes

If you've been ordering a lot of maps and posters, you may have a lot of cardboard mailing tubes around. Want to turn them into fun decorations for the holidays? Then, check out these ideas. Even if you don't have old cardboard mailing tubes around, these ideas are so fun that you just may need to order some.

Snowy Candle Holders

You can turn old mailing tubes into winter themed candy holders. All you need is some doilies, a bag of ready-to-mix concrete, some tea candles, and the lids for your mailing tubes.

First, cut the lids so that they are the perfect size to hold a tea candle, and cut your mailing tubes to the desired height. Then, mix your concrete, place the doilies onto the sides of the mailing tubes, and paint the concrete on top. When everything has dried, you will have wintery looking concrete covered candle holders that work perfectly as centerpieces for the holiday table.

Extra Seating

Need extra seating for all the guests who are coming to your home for the holidays? Then, you may want to make a bench or chair out of old mailing tubes.

These sturdy tubes can hold more weight than you think. First create a frame using cardboard tubes, screws and washers. To create the seat of your bench or chair, attach a row of tubes to the frame of your chair. You may want to enforce these tubes with some extra framing—basically, you want one layer of framing for the tubes to rest against and another layer of framing to hold the tubes in place.  

Wall Christmas Tree

You can cut up old cardboard shipping tubes and turn them into a christmas tree for your wall. Just cut the tube up into multiple small pieces. Then, arrange the tubes in the shape of a christmas tree and glue them to a piece of wood or a painting canvas.

Finally, to add some colour to your tree, you need to fill the cardboard tubes. You can fill them with balled up sheets of colourful tissue paper, colourful glass bulbs or any other items that you like. Finally, hang the finished product on your wall.

Giant Decorative Candles

With a bit of paint, you can turn old cardboard mailing tubes into giant candles for an outdoor display. You can make candles for an Advent wreath, a Menorah or whatever you like. Simply paint the tubes in the colours you like. Then, pull a piece of twine through the top of the mailing tube, and add some orange and red tissue paper in the shape of a flame.