Benefits of Laser Cutting for a Tiny Home Project

There are several ways that tiny home projects differ from traditional home renovations, builds, or remodeling. One of the main differences is the small amount of space and how that requires precise cutting and measurements. Keep in mind that many tiny homes use the small space for several different tasks. For example, a table may be kept in a wall pocket and fold down during the day. This is where laser cutting may benefit you. Here are just a few of the benefits laser cutting has over traditional cutting methods.

Edge Smoothness

If you were planning on cutting the metal or wood for your tiny home yourself, then you know that sometimes the cuts can be rough. You may not get an entirely smooth edge even with sanding. This can be problematic when you are considering edges that are exposed, like the edge of a drop down table or a ladder going to the loft. One of the benefits of laser cutting is the ability to get a high quality smooth edge on the first try due to the precision of the laser being used.

Smaller Cuts and Drill Holes

You may have some pieces that need to have smaller cuts than others. These pieces may also need specially placed drill holes that would be difficult with traditional cutting methods. A laser cutting option can handle these small cuts and drill holes without causing damage to the piece of material or causing uneven drill patterns making the material useless. Some examples of this would be pieces for heater casings, guttering pieces, shutter latches, and restraint pieces for keeping fragile items safe when the tiny home is mobile.

Reduced Hiring Costs

Though a tiny home project is generally DIY in nature, some tiny home builders will hire out certain manufacturing. If you are using traditional methods for cutting specific pieces for the tiny home, you may find that you are hiring more than one contractor. This increases the fees since you are paying multiple contractors for their assistance and time. If you choose to go with a laser cutting contractor, you can have most if not all of your pieces cut by the same person. This can reduce the time it takes to get all of your pieces which will reduce the cost of labour. Costs for hiring one contractor versus multiple contractors will also help your budgeting.

Keep in mind, if you go with a laser cutting option you will likely have to have the designs and measurements ready for a contractor. They can cut the pieces for you to install yourself during the DIY steps of the tiny home building process. If you think laser cutting will benefit your project, contact your local laser cutting contractor for pricing.