The 2 Reasons Why Cat Enclosures Have Become So Popular In Australia

In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the use of enclosures for domestic cats. These enclosures are most commonly made from a lightweight, portable frame and unobtrusive, yet strong polyethylene mesh netting. The interior of the enclosure can then be decked out with shade, playthings and comfortable sleeping areas.

The growing desire for cat enclosures has seen many new businesses emerge that specialise in designing and constructing these products. Whether you're a cat owner who is wondering if they should buy an enclosure or are considering starting a business in the burgeoning market, here are two reasons why cat enclosures have become such a big thing.

1. Wildlife conservation

Every day in Australia, cats kill an estimated 1 million birds, most of which are native species. They are also responsible for a killing a staggering number of small native marsupials and reptiles. While feral cats contribute more to these shocking statistics, domestic cats are also responsible for a large percentage of native wildlife deaths.

Due to these figures, environmental agencies recommend that domestic cats are not allowed to roam around freely, particularly at night. Many local councils and some state governments are even introducing legislation that makes it illegal to let your cat roam. By using a cat enclosure, a cat can still enjoy time outside without the ability to kill at will.

2. Cat safety

Cats that roam are not just a danger to wildlife; they can also be in danger themselves. An adventurous cat can venture several kilometres from home, and this puts it at risk from a wide variety of perils that may mean a much-loved pet is never seen again. Cats are frequently hit by cars and often become trapped in places such as stormwater drains.

They can also be attacked by dogs and other cats, and they have even been known to be eaten whole by large pythons. For most cat owners, the grief of losing their pet is only compounded by the knowledge that they are very unlikely to know what happened to it. Keeping a cat confined in an enclosure is the only way to ensure its safety.

With the increased understanding of the dangers of and for roaming cats, cat enclosures will continue to grow in popularity across the country. They are a responsible and humane way to make sure that cats are healthy and happy and are not a threat to vulnerable native creatures. For more information about cat nets in Perth or other areas, contact local suppliers.