Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Projects for Mobile Homes

Remodelling and renovating a mobile home means working with areas that may be smaller than traditional homes. This is especially true for older model mobile homes. If this is the type of renovation you are considering, then you may want to turn to a custom sheet metal fabrication option. Here are a few areas where custom sheet metal fabrication may help in your mobile home renovation project.

Custom Range Hood

Range hoods are one of the first things that many mobile home owners replace during a renovation. The range hoods can become rusted or may not work as well over time. They may also not be ideal for the new decor in the kitchen during the renovation. If you are looking for a particular style of range hood, or you want one specifically ideal for your stainless steel and metal kitchen, then a custom range may be what you need. The custom design can have custom shape, size or it may have etching that fits your kitchen decor.

Custom Outdoor Stairs

Traditionally the outdoor stairs for a mobile home are wood. The wood is fine as long as it is maintained and weather sealed. The problem is that over time the wood may start to break down and become a hazard. During the mobile home renovation, you can opt for custom outdoor stairs. These custom sheet metal stairs can be made to fit the height, width and the design you need. You can go with a sturdy sheet metal and metal fabrication options that give you a sturdy, long-lasting and durable stair option for both your front and back doors.

Custom Guttering and Rain Chains

Guttering is an issue for many mobile homeowners. You may have issues with traditional guttering not fitting properly or being too large for the space. A custom sheet metal fabrication contractor can create guttering that fits your size and landscaping needs. They can also make custom rain chains to add a special touch to your finished outdoor look. You can have your contractor install the guttering and the rain chains to ensure they are installed properly and not causing issues with your roofing. 

These are just a few of the custom sheet metal fabrication projects that you can use in your mobile home renovation. If you have some ideas for sheet metal use in mobile homes, contact your local fabrication contractor. They can schedule a consultation and give you ideas on some custom jobs that may work for you.

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