Why Powder Coating Is the Best Choice for Your Paint Job

When thinking of doing a paint job on either a new structure or an existing one, the most important thing is to choose the right coating — one that will bring out a perfect finish and more so protect your structure. Powder coating is mainly used in automobiles, appliances, buildings and everyday products such as lighting fixtures and is definitely what you are looking for. Below are some of the benefits of using a powder coating.


Powder coating is the most colour-durable type of metal coat, and the surfaces coated by powder are resistant to wearing and scratching. It provides users with the most economical and longer-lasting metals. The variety of colours stays bright and vibrant for a more extended period. It contains a variety of textures which ranges from smooth to wrinkled finishes, and the rough textures are created purposely for hiding the imperfections in the surface. Powder coating looks excellent, it is tough, and in addition to being durable, it is an attractive choice due to its environmental advantages.

Environmentally friendly

It protects the environment because it does not contain solvents like other liquid finishes that contain pollutants. This helps finishers save on the cost of buying pollution control equipment. It also helps reduce health problems to operators such as nose, throat and mouth irritations from various substances. Therefore, companies comply very quickly with the various environmental agencies. There are no harsh chemicals used in the powder coating process as compared with other paintings. Only a dry powder is used in powder coating that goes right from a spray gun to the metal surface.

Less expensive

The raw materials used are purchased according to the size and specifications of the job. With this powder, the spraying requirements are reduced and are able to cover a larger area as compared with other finishes at a cheaper cost. The labour cost is also less expensive as there are less training and supervisions needed. Generally, powder coatings lower disposal costs, energy costs, labor costs, reject costs and applied material costs. The reduction of waste helps companies save money, and this also helps them comply with environmental agencies.

Variety of colours

Powder coating is most commonly known for painting parts with different colours and finishes available. A manufacturer will create a powder blend that matches any tone. The colours always come in a variegated selection which is first pre-mixed by the supplier and is always done in a factory setting with a computer control mixing ratio. The custom colour matching benefits the customers, and this allows instant product recognition and a pleasing look to the eye.