Screw Piles: Planning Tips for Residential Deck Construction

If you are building a new residential deck or expanding your old one, you should consider using screw piles for the foundation. These units are favoured over alternatives because their installation does not demand excavation. The piles are inserted into the ground directly as complete pillars. The lack of excavation minimises danger on the site and eliminates the need for handling waste soil. Also, the screw pile approach is fast and shortens the project timeline. Besides, these foundational components are tough and provide reliable and durable deck support. If you are interested in using screw piles, consider these simple guidelines for ideal results.

Choose the Screw Piles

You should determine the specific screw piles required for your deck construction project. Keep in mind that these elements are available in different sizes, and their maximum load-bearing capacity varies significantly. The optimal size and capacity of the piles will depend on the intended usage of the structure. If you are going to use it for general outdoor living like basking in the sun, you can opt for light-duty piles. However, if you would like to build a structure on top of the deck, opt for tougher piles that can support more weight. In addition to determining the screw pile sizing, consult your chosen contractor on the required number of units for a stable deck.

Consider Ground Conditions

Screw piles are reliable units for use in poor ground conditions such as areas prone to frost heaves. However, you must evaluate the state of your property before commissioning the installation of the foundational components. Simply speaking, the stability of the piles depends on placement in solid ground. If your property has poor soil characteristics, the performance of the piles might not be ideal. For instance, the elements will not perform well in sandy soil. However, this does not mean that screw piles cannot be used in these ground conditions. You will only need to determine the depth at which the soil becomes solid and stable. Then, choose long piles which can reach the desired depth.

Acquire Building Permits

When building a deck, you should review the local regulations on the structure. This practice is critical for avoiding legal problems during construction. Check if you will be required to have a permit for the structure. Moreover, you must review the standards and regulations imposed when using screw piles. For instance, you might need to check for underground utilities. If you are uncertain about handling the building permits and approval, consult your screw piling contractors.

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