Deciding on An Air Conditioning System for Your Commercial Space: What Are Your Options?

An air conditioning system is essential for your commercial building to keep both your employees and customers comfortable. However, no single air conditioning system fits all situations. Besides the common things such as size that often make the difference, the type of system itself matters most. Different air conditioning systems are designed for different applications. Knowing some of the types of air conditioning systems available will help you figure out the one that is right for your commercial space. Here are some of the common options.

Single-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Single-split systems cool individual rooms. They are ideal for compact or small commercial spaces such as server rooms, small offices and cafes. They are cheaper than other air conditioning systems and are energy efficient. This makes them an excellent investment for your commercial space. Although single-split systems are the ideal choice for small commercial spaces, you can combine them and use them for your larger areas or for cooling multiple rooms. This makes the system highly versatile for various applications.

On the downside, having multiple split system units means that every indoor unit will require its own outdoor unit. Therefore, you have to consider whether you have adequate space around your commercial building to accommodate the outdoor units. However, each indoor unit being connected to its outdoor unit is also advantageous because a problem in one unit does not affect the functioning of other units.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

The major difference between multi-split systems and their single-split counterparts is that multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. This saves on space as well as the cost of installation. If you run a large commercial space such as a restaurant, a multi-split system is the ideal choice. Having one outdoor unit does not only save space, but it also maintains the external appearance of your commercial space. However, installation of multi-split systems can be quite expensive because of the pipework required and more complex process involved.

Variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems

A variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system is a form of multi-split system that relies on refrigerant to provide cooling and even heating in your commercial space. Such systems feature air handlers that pump out the conditioned air to the required places. These systems are highly efficient, operate quietly and ensure consistent comfort throughout your commercial space. They are ideal for both medium-sized and large commercial spaces such as hotels and retail spaces.

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