Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Projects for Mobile Homes

Remodelling and renovating a mobile home means working with areas that may be smaller than traditional homes. This is especially true for older model mobile homes. If this is the type of renovation you are considering, then you may want to turn to a custom sheet metal fabrication option. Here are a few areas where custom sheet metal fabrication may help in your mobile home renovation project. Custom Range Hood [Read More]

Why Perspex Is an Excellent Alternative to Glass

There is a host of materials that are a staple in industrial manufacturing. Nevertheless, technological advancements result in new supplies that can readily be employed as an alternative to conventional materials. One such new-age material that is steadily gaining popularity in manufacturing processes is Perspex. Made from acrylic sheets, Perspex is a robust and transparent plastic material. Over the years, it has become the popular choice for an assortment of applications that require the use of glass because it has several qualities that make it more beneficial. [Read More]

The 2 Reasons Why Cat Enclosures Have Become So Popular In Australia

In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the use of enclosures for domestic cats. These enclosures are most commonly made from a lightweight, portable frame and unobtrusive, yet strong polyethylene mesh netting. The interior of the enclosure can then be decked out with shade, playthings and comfortable sleeping areas. The growing desire for cat enclosures has seen many new businesses emerge that specialise in designing and constructing these products. [Read More]

The Daily Grind: Choosing The Right Concrete Grinder For Preparing Concrete Floors For Coatings

Preparing, grinding and polishing a concrete floor before coating it with a paint or vinyl coatings can be a messy and time-consuming business at the best of times, and whether you need to prepare the concrete floor of a single-car garage or a sprawling goods warehouse, choosing the right grinder for the job will make your preparations much easier and quicker. However, a wide variety of different concrete grinders are available, and choosing the right model for your needs can be difficult without a little research and forward planning. [Read More]