Why Perspex Is an Excellent Alternative to Glass

There is a host of materials that are a staple in industrial manufacturing. Nevertheless, technological advancements result in new supplies that can readily be employed as an alternative to conventional materials. One such new-age material that is steadily gaining popularity in manufacturing processes is Perspex. Made from acrylic sheets, Perspex is a robust and transparent plastic material. Over the years, it has become the popular choice for an assortment of applications that require the use of glass because it has several qualities that make it more beneficial. The piece below explores a few of the reasons why Perspex is considered an excellent alternative to glass.

Hassle-free fabrication

One of the main reasons why Perspex has become a favorite supply in the manufacturing industry is that the moulding of this material comes quite easily. During the manufacturing process, the Perspex is heated to a specific temperature so that it becomes soft. Once soft, the acrylic sheets can be fabricated into any shape. This characteristic is what allows Perspex to be employed for an array of uses ranging from bottles, picture frames, tubing, skylights and even aquariums! After the Perspex is moulded, it is then left to cool, and the acrylic will maintain its moulded form once it has cooled down.

Innate weather resistance

Another massive benefit that Perspex has is that it is highly weather resistant. This characteristic allows Perspex to be utilised for an assortment of exterior applications. For instance, Perspex windows are becoming a popular choice for homeowners who live in areas prone to storms. Alternatively, Perspex is also being employed in the manufacture of outdoor signs since they are capable of remaining intact, even when exposed to high winds are frequent rain. 

In addition to being weather resistant, Perspex is not vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, if you choose to colour the Perspex, you can rest assured that the acrylic will retain its pigmentation even when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged durations.

Lightweight and impact resistance

Working with dense supplies can end up increasing your manufacturing costs due to labour and a higher rate of wear of your equipment. So if you have found that glass is too dense, then you should consider switching to Perspex. And while acrylic sheets are not as heavy as glass, this characteristic does not make them more vulnerable to damage. The Perspex will not shatter when exposed to high impact. It may crack, but this is much safer than having to contend with sharp shards of glass.