4 Tips for Keeping Your PVC Strip Curtains Maintained

PVC strip curtains are an effective way to allow a lot of motion through a doorway without allowing a lot of air to escape. They can help improve energy efficiency in walk in coolers, chilled warehouses and a range of other spaces.

Wondering how to keep your PVC curtains well maintained? Take a look at these tips.

1. Choose the Right Type of Curtains

Ideally, taking care of PVC doors and strip curtains should start when you buy them. Make sure that you buy strips that can stand the test of time in your environment. For instance, for really cold spaces, you need strip curtains that are polar rated. For industrial environments with a lot of chemicals, you need strip curtains that can withstand that exposure.

Additionally, you may want to choose ribbed curtains. The ribbing gives the curtains some extra protection which them last longer. Namely, when people or machinery push open the curtains, they hit the ribs but not the centre of the strips. As a result, only the ribs start to wear down, but the rest of the curtain stays intact.

2. Keep the Strips Clean

Even if your PVC strip curtains have a protective coating, you still need to take steps to keep them clean. Wash them with a gentle soap and water. Try not to leave too much water on the surface of the strips as that can also wear them down.

For safety, always remember to wipe up any old cleaning water. If it pools beneath the curtains, that could lead to issues.

3. Check for Fraying

Whilst cleaning your PVC curtains, always check them for signs of damage. Fraying along the edges is definitely something to watch out for. When the strips start fraying, they will start to allow air to escape between the strips.

4. Replace Old Strips

When you see a strip that is frayed or has other damage, replace it. That helps to preserve the energy efficiency of your doorway. So that you can easily replace strips when damage occurs, make sure to invest in a replacement roll.

Ideally, the replacement roll should have the same type and style of striping that is on your current doorway. When you need a new strip, you pull out the necessary length from the roll, cut it to size and hang it.

For more tips on taking care of your PVC strip curtains, contact a sales rep.