Why Brick Recycling Is a Great Move from an Ecological Perspective

One of the oldest and most sustainable construction materials available in the construction industry today is bricks. Bricks are a sustainable choice of construction materials because they are made from clay and other natural materials that are abundant in supply. Building with brick is not only good for the environment because of the material abundance but also due to the fact that brick can be recycled at the end of its service life. 

Keep reading on below to acquaint yourself with the various reasons why recycling of bricks is a great trend from an ecological perspective.

Recycling of bricks reduces landfilling.

Thanks to brick recycling, bulky quantities of old bricks that would otherwise be buried at landfill sites as solid waste are instead taken to waste recycling facilities that accept the material. This, in turn, helps to reduce the demand for more land required to bury solid waste. As land is a gift of nature, the supply of land cannot be increased to meet increased demand for it. Brick recycling goes a long way in ensuring economical use of the available land. 

Recycling of bricks extends the lifespan of old bricks.

People looking to demolish old brick buildings shouldn't write off those old bricks just yet. Brick recycling will help promote reuse of all bricks that are still in good structural condition, especially when the antique, weathered look of old brick is demanded. Bricks that cannot be used for a new building construction project can be crushed and used as aggregate for paving or other landscaping purposes. This means that old bricks will be given a fresh lease of life.

Recycling of bricks helps to cut down on mining activities.

As mentioned earlier, bricks are made of clay and other natural materials, which are expensive to mine. From an ecological point of view, mining of these materials is bad for the environment because heavy machinery that produce harmful gas emissions may need to be used. By virtue of the fact that recycled bricks can be used again, brick recycling helps to minimise mining activities and to save on costs, which is in turn a win-win situation for people as well as the environment. 

With these great benefits, it is clear that brick recycling is a good thing for planet Earth and everyone that lives on it. For expert advice on brick recycling, it is important that you consult an expert.