3 Industrial Stainless Manufacturing Ideas to Help Your Mobile Hair Salon

Creating your mobile hair salon and getting the word out may have been the hardest thing you thought you would do. Over time, you may have found yourself at a harder choice. You now have to upgrade items in your mobile hair salon. These upgrades need to be sanitary, easy to maintain, durable, and meet the health codes that you need to maintain your business. Here are three industrial stainless manufacturing options that may be ideal for your business and needs.

Stainless Steel Shampoo Bowl

The most common shampoo bowls, and the one you likely use  now, is acrylic or porcelain. These are durable and they are fairly easy to clean. However, they can crack and cause bacteria and mold to enter into the cracks. This can be a huge health problem for you and your clients. In fact, some cleaners may not be able to clean these areas properly and fixing the crack may mean replacing the entire unit. Stainless steel reduces all of these issues. It will not crack, is durable, easy to clean and resists bacteria growth.

Stainless Steel Worktop Covers

You may not think about worktop covers as something you would need, but consider a scenario. You may currently have a lot of space used for your basic hair salon needs. What you may not have is the space to do manicures. Manicures are something that many people would like to utilize in a mobile salon option,especially elderly clients. You can have a stainless steel worktop cover created for your spaces to convert the area to a flat top suitable for other salon services. The worktop will not burn or become damaged due to waxes, solutions or manicure items. This means you can maintain the new appearance of the worktop easily for longer periods of time.

Stainless Steel Foot Rests

One of the many issues you will run into is the material and debris that clients can track into the mobile hair salon. You may have one client that has dirt roads around them while another has gravel, mud or other debris. This means you need a sanitary, durable, and easy clean up option for your client to rest their shoes during their appointment. One way to give them all of these things is to have a stainless steel footrest created by a manufacturer.

These are only three of the ideas that industrial stainless manufacturing can bring to your mobile hair salon business. If you have other upgrade needs, consider meeting with a manufacturing representative. They can evaluate your current  mobile set-up and help you determine what may be the best options for you.